Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Week That Was

Posted by MANDI at 5:34 PM
Uggh! More than a week after the ridiculously quick onset of a cold I still feel like crap. Crappier than crap in fact.  My face hurts, my throat and chest hurt, my ribs hurt from coughing so much and if I do very much at all I feel even worse. Apparently cold and flu tablets and my system don't go together very well. They worked great for a couple of days then, I think, my drug-intolerant body just couldn't cope with them anymore and I got the shakes and sweats about 20 minutes after I'd taken them. I left them alone for a few days but was heading out yesterday and needed to feel better. Instead I got the shakes, sweats, pounding headache and thought I was going to throw up. Not nice at all. And yes, if I'm still feeling rotten tomorrow I'll head to the doctor and let him check me out.

I also had both the kids sick - #2 early in the week then #1 took over the sickness reins. They got to stay home and be loved and cared for by Nanny and Pop while I dragged my sick and sorry self off to work. Because for all the 'don't spread your germs around' arguments there are just as many "I'm still on a casual contract and don't get paid for sick days" and "I've only been there a week, I can't call in sick" reasons too.

But we still managed to get done what needed to be and finally Friday arrived and both kids went off to school while I enjoyed a day off. Okay, enjoyed might be stretching it but it sure was a relief.  I dropped the kids at at school, caught up with a few of the other mums and stayed for assembly. Offspring #1 was presented with a certificate for the improvements he has made in maths and it was lovely to be there for that. He had no idea and beamed with pride - so cute!

Saturday saw Carlton playing their only game in Perth for this season so, come hell or high water (or a crappy cold) we were all going. For one heartbreaking minute Hubby thought he'd missed out on tickets but... praise be to the internet, we got them. It was an awesome game (yeah, we won!) and the kids loved seeing their footy heroes up close and in the flesh. Okay, not that up close but we were in the same stadium! I got a giggle out of sitting next to #1 and listening to his cheering and jeering and, when I missed something vital, having him explain what had happened.

So now I'm playing on twitter and facebook, menu planning for the week ahead and listening to my boys play an intense game of footy on the Wii while the girl-child watches kids cartoons in the other room. Dinner is sorted. A variety of meals from the freezer - I let everyone choose what they wanted: #1 had curried sausages, #2 has macaroni cheese, Hubby has beef and veg hotpot and I think I'm going to go with roasted sweet potato soup. Gotta love when you freeze the leftovers for just this kind of night. And then you've gotta love eating them and making more space in the freezer.

I'll be back tomorrow with the finished menu plan.


trish on August 15, 2011 at 6:42 AM said...

I hope you have a better week, health-wise! I don't know how I dodged the flu this year but it happened and I thank my lucky stars every morning. The kids both had a week off school (not at the same time, of course!)

And yes, I love leftover nights too! I've actually factored those into my meal planning, and if we don't have enough leftovers one week we'll just get takeaway or walk down to the local shops where we can have Vietnamese or Italian.

Melody on August 15, 2011 at 12:20 PM said...

Hope you're feeling better Mandi - sounds like the flu from hell. One thing with living in a warm climate, (both here in AD and back in Cairns), is that we rarely get colds or flus. A positive thing living in humid, warm/hot conditions.

Iris Flavia on August 16, 2011 at 4:02 AM said...

Oh, gack! Hope you´re better very soon!
Weather here is getting better, btw. Maybe (...) summer is finally spending a visit.
10 pm and dark already, autumn is on it´s way :-(


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