Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Posted by MANDI at 9:18 PM
Just in case you're new to my little blog and don't know what the heck Gratituesday is... Yeah, I totally made that word up. But the idea behind it is something I do each week. Working on the 'glass half full' mindset that I'm striving for I'm actively looking for the little things in my life that I'm grateful for, thankful for or otherwise just plain happy about. Of course some of them are big things. Huge even. But the little things tend to get lost in the day-do-day bits of living. My Tuesday posts are short - a photo or two and a few words about whatever I'm feeling grateful for that week. If you want to join in on your blog leave a note in the comments and I'll come check it out. Or, if you're not a blogger, just leave a comment saying what you're grateful for.

I got home from work today to a worried Hubby and a crying girl-child with a face full of blood. It wasn't quite that bad but at first sight it sure looked pretty bad. She'd been swinging on the edge of the couch - something she has (they both have!!) been told not to do about nine hundred millionty times - when she slipped and face planted into the floor. The hard slate floor. Cue a seriously split lip spurting blood everywhere, very sore front teeth, bleeding gums, and a heck of a lot of noise. That's about when I walked in. Just to be on the safe side I ran her down to the local GP's clinic where the nurses checked her over and decided that apart from lips that could act as airbags, a wobbly tooth that was quite a bit wobblier and a serious case of bruised pride, she was just fine. You know that feeling of relief after you've been holding your breath for too long. Where the relief of letting air into your lungs kind of hurts? Yeah, that.

I fed her some nice soft, fluffy scrambled eggs for dinner and now she's tucked up fast asleep and all worn out. Tomorrow she'll have enormous lips, sore teeth and I'm expecting some decent bruising too and we'll deal with that then. But right now? She's fine. And I'm very relieved. And grateful.


Iris Flavia on August 31, 2011 at 3:30 AM said...

Eww, poor girl - maybe though, another warning isn´t necessary?

anne@#22 said...

Oh dear. I do hope she'll be able to eat b'day cake with those lips! Glad to hear you are both ok. I am grateful for my kids, homegrown and fosters. They make my world go round! xxx

Anonymous said...

Two things I was grateful for yesterday. #1 - the special girl was not toooo badly hurt and #2 my man came through the operation on his hand ok and was and is again, tucked up in bed sound asleep.


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