Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gratituesday, menu plans

Posted by MANDI at 11:25 AM
It's wet, windy and wild here in not-so-sunny Perth. I'm off work today having finally succumbed to the cold and flu bugs and am snuggled up at home with the fire going and a couple of new CD's playing. I'm such an 80's tragic - the local supermarket had three CD's going for $25 and had quite a variety to choose from. Did I pick anything current? Even from the past decade? Um no, I chose Bryan Adams, Hunters and Collectors and Tears for Fears. And, despite the stirring from Hubby, I'm loving them!

I didn't make it back yesterday with my menu plan. I'm really trying hard to make the dinners on my work days really really quick and simple. I'm not getting in till about 5.30 (normal for many of you, I know, but really very late for me) and as we normally eat between 6 and 6.30 so the kids can be in bed for 7.30pm I'm finding it hard to race in, throw dinner on, catch up with the kids, oversee homework/sign notes/look at library books/adjudicate arguments and also say hi to Hubby. Where I can I'm going to be making things ahead of time that can be flung in the oven as I walk in and I'm thinking that the aforementioned Hubby might just have to take over one of the meals.

So this week we'll be eating:
Monday: Baked fish
Tuesday: Cheats Chicken Parmigiana,
Wednesday: Meat Pie, chips
Thursday: Baked Lamb Chops
Friday: Meatball Subs
Saturday: Rustic Simmered Chicken
Sunday: Roast Lamb
Baking: Apple Strawberry Cake, cheesymite scrolls.

And since it's Tuesday I suppose I'd better do a Gratituesday post too. This week I'm actually grateful for last week - I was so grateful that the recently retired old folks in my life (aka my parents, aka Nanny and Poppy) are indeed retired and weren't off gallivanting 'round the countryside (as they will be this week) and were not only able, but also very willing, to have the kids for me while they were sick last week and I was still trying to get to work and make a good impression. So, thanks Mum and Dad! I know I said thanks then, but I really, really appreciate you taking care of the kids for me.

So share the love with me people. What are you cooking up this week? Tried any new recipes you want to share? Or, what are you grateful for?


anne@322 said...

I am grateful that my husband is in Sydney for the week and i get the bed ALL to myself with noone snoring or pulling the covers off me! Hope you are feeling better soon girlfriend. xxxx

Donna said...

I'm now grateful for you! Dinner decision made. Rustic Simmered Chicken. Thanks!

Jen on August 17, 2011 at 10:00 PM said...

I made a yummy lamb, apricot & date tagine the other day. I even took a photo so I could put it on my blog....but I haven't done that yet.....it was from Taste.com

I would so love those CDs too! Good choice!


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