Thursday, April 26, 2012

So, How Was Your Day?

Posted by MANDI at 9:56 PM
Term Two started today and we got the rundown over dinner tonight. Neither conversation got off to a flying start but we got there eventually. And Hubby and I managed to stifle our giggles. Almost.

Me: So, Buddy, how was your day?
Offspring #1 : Dumb. We didn't do anything all day.
Me: Really? Nothing at all?
Him: Nope. The teacher just talked a lot.
Me: Oh. Well, what did he talk about?
Him: Nothing. Just stuff. You know.
Me: Umm, not really. What kind of stuff?
Him: Just stuff. You know about what we were doing, and how to do the work and what we needed to do next and stuff.
Me and Hubby: So he was teaching you?
Him: Yeah, I s'pose.
And any positive thoughts we'd ever had about about ability to connect with our students and really get through to them went flying out the window!

Then we turned our attention to Offspring #2...

Me: What about you Poss? How was your day?
Her: Boring. BORING!
Me: That doesn't sound too good. Why was it boring?
Her: It just was.
Me: Well what did you do?
Her: Well... we went into the classroom and then we sat on the mat and then the teacher said 'good morning' and we all said 'good morning' and the other teacher said 'good morning' and we all said 'good morning' and this week we have another teacher so then she said 'good morning' and we...
Me and Hubby (giggling): all said 'good morning.'
Her: Umm... yeah. And then...

We were a bit concerned we might end up following the events of her day in real time and cut to the chase with a few well placed questions and then a distraction to change the subject. I'm thinking we might need to work on her summarising skills!


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