Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brocolli, By Any Other Name

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This conversation just took place, amongst homework and afternoon tea, at the kitchen bench and I'm still giggling so thought I'd share...
Offspring #1: What's for dinner?
Me: Broccolini Tart. And maybe braised cabbage and some vegies.
#1: Yum! You've made Broccolini Tart before haven't you? (And at my nod, yes) I remember, it was really good.
Offspring #2: Yuk!!  I don't like that!! Wait, what's Broccolini?
Me: You do like it...
#1: You like Brocollini! It's just like Broccoli.
Pause while #2 thinks about it...
#1: But with an INI at the end.
#2: Oh! That! Yeah, I like that.
Sometimes they leave me giggling like a crazy woman and they have no idea why. Then they look at each other and wander off together as if agreeing to leave the crazy woman alone for a while.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Best Laid Plans...

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My work days got moved around a bit this week and I ended up with 5 days off in a row. Total awesomeness.
 I had grand plans. Grand. Plans.
I figured I'd spend the first day getting all the chores out of the way - you know, the grocery shopping, clean the house, a couple loads of washing - then I'd have time for fun. Friday was going to be all about me with a shopping trip and hair cut on the cards. Then the weekend would be free to do fun stuff with Hubby and the kids and I was even thinking we might call on our teenage babysitter and fit in a date night too.
But... yesterday morning I did something to my back. I have no idea what that something was but it has resulted in me being barely able to move. And, oh my word, the pain! So all the plans flew out the window and now I'm on the couch watching daytime tv. I saw the physio yesterday. She helped a little and ordered me home to rest, rest, rest. She also told me to pass the message on to Hubby and the kids that they needed to wait on me hand and foot - they're doing a pretty good job but it's kinda frustrating watching them do stuff differently to how I do it. .
So now it's back to the tv, pinterest and blog reading. And pain killers. I'm counting down till the next dose.

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Day Of Utter Crapness. Erased.

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It was a day that began with a complete and utter Mummy-meltdown, quickly followed by some particularly appalling Mummy-yelling. Then came the shoving the kids out of the car at school drop off followed by the kind of heart-breaking remorse that leads me to believe that (a) I am well overdue for a good night's sleep and (b) I am hitting pmt-hell again. After a bit of a cry on the way to work I sent a message to the boy-child that read: "I'm sorry I yelled at you this morning. I love you. Mum xx" It made me feel marginally less guilty and I hoped it would make him feel better too. I was very happy (and somewhat relieved) to get a message on my way back home that read: "It's okay. I love you too and I'm sorry I didn't do what u asked. xx" Aaah, mummy-relief. And yes, I cried some more and realised all over again that pmt and lack of sleep are just not pretty.

In the middle of the day more crap stuff happened. And that made me cry too. But not till I was safely in the car on the way home. It wasn't work related, just happened while I was there. And it's nothing that can't be fixed but, what d'you know? The whole sleep/pmt thing made it a hundred times worse than it really was.

But a phone call from the lovely Felicity in Queensland was as welcome as a warm hug and cheered me up no end. And a facebook message checking up on me from the lovely Anne, who promptly organised a GNO (otherwise known as a Girls Night Out) that will involve dinner and a feel-good movie, reminded me that BFF's rock. ROCK!!

And I remembered that a day of utter crapness is nothing. Especially when it's compared to the hugeness of love from forgiving offspring and supportive BFF's.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Almost There

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Oh. My. Gosh.

What a month it has been. I've stepped up to be the acting boss, worked almost full-time (with a few days of seriously long hours), juggled kids, cooking and housework, employed a nanny/babysitter to help out a few afternoons each week and seriously thought I'd manage to blog somewhere in there too. Yeah, you can all stop laughing now.
Thank goodness for my ever-wonderful hubby who has totally stepped up and filled the void.
And thank goodness for our new nanny/babysitter. I feel kinda stupid (and little bit try-hard-y) calling her the nanny but she's more than just a babysitter. The kids already love her and so do I. She keeps then in-line ensuring they do boring stuff like chores and housework (*edited to say... not housework! HOMEwork!! LOL) and also manages to keep them amused doing fun stuff like taking them for walks, playing board games and teaching them how to make microwave chocolate mug cakes for afternoon tea treats. And she brings in my washing. Super bonus! 
The real boss is back next week and I'll be back to my regular hours, regular job and am looking forward to things slowing down just a little. And then I'll have time for all the normal things, like trying out new recipes, blogging and playing with my kids.

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