Friday, January 7, 2011

Swapping Roles

Posted by MANDI at 6:35 PM
Despite the actual working every day part I'm quite enjoying the role swap that's going on in our house at the moment. I'm working full time for a few weeks while Hubby is on school hol's with the kids. Thank heavens this week is a short week - four days has left me worn out! But I've loved coming home each day to a house that has been tidied and dinner that's been prepared and is then cooked for me. Awesome. Let me say it again.... Awe. Some!

Tonight when I walked in he poured me a drink, asked how to make my fave Moroccan lamb pizza and set to it. It's now cooking on (well, in really) the bbq - I simply provided instructions, he did the whole lot - and I'm enjoying a glass of bubbles. Again with the awesome.

And on even more levels of awesome he also did the grocery shopping today. And put it all away. Bucket full of AWESOME!!

Sorry girls, he's all mine and I'm keeping him.

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