Friday, September 21, 2007


Posted by MANDI at 4:00 PM
My camera just arrived back home. The people in Sydney pulled it apart, cleaned it all up, fixed the broken bit and sent it back to me all for free! Hubby found out that our camera had been part of a recall due to a defective part but we weren't sure if that was really the problem(especially after I dropped it on a tile floor and the playback bit never worked again - oops) . We figured it needed fixing anyway so we sent it to the proper people, rather than just the bloke in town who fixes cameras, who promptly declared that the whole thing was part of the recall. So, now my camera's fixed, it didn't cost us anything, and I can go crazy with my photos again!
Like I said, Woohoo!
Oh, and it's just in time for our next holiday. More on that next week.


JenTX said...

OK, so where are all the pictures? lol

Glad you have your camera back. I love to see your part of the world, the recipes you make and mostly, your beautiful children!


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