Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sticky Fingers

Posted by MANDI at 12:39 PM
While Hubby was working on Sunday Offspring #1 and I decided to do a little cooking. #1 wanted to make a cake - "not cookies this time, Mum" - but I managed to persuade him to let me have a go at some Finger Buns. I'm pretty sure it was the pink icing that won him over, that and telling him they were really called Sticky Buns and didn't have fingers in them! I kind of messed up this recipe - we forgot to do the second rising and the end result was a little heavier and dough-ier than we would have liked. But I'd make them again and I'll be sure to follow the recipe properly next time.
In other news, my camera is fixed and is winging it's way back to Red Dirt Central from Sydney! Finger's crossed, I should have it back by Friday. Woohoo!!!! I. Can't. Wait.
Finger Buns
from Woman's Day magazine, April 16, 2007
1 1/2 cups warm water
1/2 cup warm milk, plus 2 tablespoons extra
2 tablespoon caster sugar
4 1/2 cups plain flour
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1 cup sultanas
2 x 7g sachets dried yeast
1 cup icing sugar mixture, sifted
10g butter, at room temperature
1 tablespoon hot water, approximately
few drops pink food colouring
3/4 cup shredded coconut
1. In a jug, combine water, milk and half the caster sugar, stirring until sugar dissolves.
2. Sift flour and salt into a large bowl. Add sultanas and yeast, mixing well. Make a well in the centre, gradually add the liquid and mix to a soft, sticky dough.
3. Turn the dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead until it is smooth and elastic. (If the dough is sticky you may need a little extra flour)
4. Place dough in a large, oiled bowl. Set aside, covered, until doubled in size (about 1 hour).
5. Using fist, knock down dough to remove air. Divide dough into 10 equal portions and shape into buns about 5 x 10cm. Place close together on a greased oven tray. Set aside, covered until dough doubles in size (about 30 minutes).
6. Meanwhile, preheat oven to hot, 200 degrees Celsius. Bake buns for 20 - 25 minutes until golden and hollow when tapped on the base.
7. In a small bowl, combine extra milk and remaining sugar until sugar dissolves. Brush over hot buns. Transfer to a wire rack to cool.
8. Icing. In a small bowl combine all ingredients, except coconut, until smooth. Spread over buns and sprinkle with coconut.


Melody on September 21, 2007 at 12:49 PM said...

*heehee* I came (back) across this same recipe the other day when sorting through my cookbook cupboard. I thought I must give them a go...

Red Dirt Mummy on September 21, 2007 at 4:10 PM said...

LOL Melody. It's nice to know we're ripping recipes out of the same mags, and then saving them for several months!


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