Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Posted by MANDI at 8:52 PM
Yeah, I know. Such an original title. Here's a post of random flotsam and jetsam to get me back into the swing of all things bloggy.

We had a very quiet New Year's Eve - partly because I was still feeling a little under the weather and partly because we were just worn out after all the birthday/Christmas/Boxing Day celebrations. Did a bit of shopping with the kids in the afternoon - them spending their Christmas money and us getting as much of their school stuff as we could - then saw Happy Feet 2 (umm... don't bother) before picking up take-away noodles for dinner. Sparklers at 8.30 and kidlets tucked up into bed at 9pm. Lovely. Offspring #1 did kick up a bit of a fuss that he didn't get to stay up till midnight but we told him that 9pm here was midnight on the East coast (ie where his much loved, admired and adored Aunty Carmen lives) so he was in fact celebrating at midnight. And he bought it. Don't think I'll get away with that one next year.

I received lots of vouchers for my birthday and have had a lovely time spending them all about the place. I'll share some pics of my purchases later in the week - it's dark now and if I try to take any photos they'll only look yellow and crappy.

I've done a bit of research on kidney stones and diets that reduce their likelihood. OMG! Don't google stuff unless you want to be scared stupid people. But the main idea seems to be no salt, no dark cola (ie my lifeblood, the coca-da-cola), no chocolate and no potatoes. I know I need to look at it in more detail and will do so in the next little bit, and of course it's all worth it to not ever go through that pain again, but c'mon. Salt and chocolate are food groups as far as I'm concerned.

The ever clever hubby is being his usual ever clever self. He's in the midst of building the Taj Mahal of chook pens. This thing is enormous, a work of art and worthy of holding something way more exciting than four chookies. But, chookies it will hold. And hopefully by the end of the week too. Pics to come.

He was also very clever and fixed the bed when I broke it. Twice. No, I wasn't doing anything exciting but I did learn a valuable lesson. Sometimes you need to ask for help to move furniture. Otherwise it breaks. Twice. Luckily he's ever clever and fixed the broken weld (ummm, okay, both of them) and then put the bed back together before I could break it again.

The reason I needed to move the bed in the first place is because I've been on a cleaning frenzy. And no, not and OCD induced frenzy. This one is a good healthy "Gosh I'm sick of the mess and I need to make the house look like I want it to instead of an episode of Hoarders". I'm working through a room at a time, moving furniture, giving everything a good clean from skirting board to cornices and everything in between. The trailer is filling up with stuff that was either a) general clutter, b) things that serve no purpose whatsoever, c) broken stuff or d) all of the above. I have books for the second hand book store, things for the op shop, various bits and pieces to be returned and stuff to be donated. Tomorrow afternoon is the living room and, if there's enough time, both bathrooms.

And we're taking the kids on a picnic tomorrow morning. There will be water, sun, sand and me and my camera hoping to catch some gorgeous summer shots of the kids having fun.


Iris Flavia on January 2, 2012 at 10:59 PM said...

Oh boy, Kidney Stones?! Take care to eat properly and absolutely avoid eel (and such super-fatty-stuff) - the word itself makes me gack, but Spouse had a whole one over three days and that´s why all the darn trouble started. From Kidney Stones to Pancreatitis. I don´t wanna scare you, stupid me just has to share.
His Brother is a Doctor and "asked" me to not google anything health-realted or read package inserts - ask a real Doc.
The rest made me smile, thanks for sharing :-)

Donna said...

Hope you are feeling well now.
My kids weren't too happy when I sent them home from the neighbours with the hubby about 10.30 on New Year's Eve (they got to stay up last year), however the older one actually thanked me on new year's day, because he felt much better for it.
And I've been on a cleanup mission, too. Went right through the boys rooms. Pulled everything out of their drawers, wardrobes etc and threw out a whole heap of 'stuff' (whilst the boys were out and didn't see...!). Now to get a handle on the ironing...


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