Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ho Hum

Posted by MANDI at 10:04 PM
I had big bloggy plans for this weekend but somehow chores and real life got in the way and now that I'm finally sitting down to blog, at almost 10pm on Sunday night, the inspiration has sort of disappeared. Mostly because I still have a few things to get done before I can hit my pillow and try for some uninterrupted sleep. Then the alarm will go off at 5.40am and I'll start all over again.

But I did lots of baking today so I've got a couple of recipes to share later in the week. And I've been giving the new slow cooker a good workout so I'm really aiming to get a post on that up too. I think I've worked out what was wrong with my camera so, fingers crossed, I'll manage to fix that and go back to taking photos of absolutely everything again. Gotta love Google when it tells you what the error message on your camera means AND how to fix it!

And something funny to leave you with:
I was pottering in the kitchen today while Offspring 2 was nibbling away at her morning tea on the other side of the bench. We were talking about names and how our names (hers and mine) are not our real names. That is, they're shortened versions of our 'proper' names.
Out of nowhere she came out with, "I wonder what my real mum's name is?"
Ummm... excuse me? I am your real mum! I was there and, since I didn't manage to get any drugs during the birthing process, I actually do remember each and every bit of it.
Hubby was walking past the open back door as she came out with it and I heard him chortling away as he headed off to the shed.
I still haven't worked out who she thinks her real mum is though!


Jen said...

I said I'd drop by and say hello, so here I am.
That's pretty funny! I wonder why she thinks you're not her real mum, I hope she doesn't want to swap you for the other one!

MANDI on May 26, 2011 at 10:15 PM said...

Hi Jen!!! Sorry, I saw your comment and didn't reply right away. Yeah, I'm still working out who the other one is LOL. That said she comes out with weird stuff that makes me think spooky, other life, kinda things every so often so who know?


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