Thursday, March 31, 2011

She Learnt What?

Posted by MANDI at 7:07 PM
I have a feeling that the lessons that were supposed to be learnt from the anti-bullying workshop run at the kids' school today kinda missed its target. Why would I think that? Let me set the scene for you...

After school, kids climbing in to the car.

Me: Hey #2,  how was 'Bye Bye Bully' this morning?
Offspring #2: It was good but we didn't really get to do many 'tivities. (aka Activities)
Me: Oh? Was it a play that you sat and watched? You know, like a tv show?
#2: Yeah, it was like that so we didn't get to join in.
Me: So did you learn something from watching it?
#2: Yep. They showed us how to be mean to people and how to be a bully.
Me: Ummmm..... I don't thing that was quite what they were aiming for. Did you learn anything else?
#2: Oh yeah, I nearly forgetted. If someone's being a bully you should go and find someone else to stand around with.
Me: Okayyyyyy then.
Meanwhile Offspring #1  is laughing him self silly at his sister's interpretation but does manage to control himself long enough to interject that no, it really wasn't trying to make all the kids be bullies and it was all stuff he'd seen/been told/had workshops on before.

So glad I paid $5 for each kid to attend that useful learning activity.


anne at #22 said...

My kids said the exact same thing! We could have had a nice morning tea together at Dome for that price!!!

Jodie said...

Just goes to show that those sort of things are not really suited for kindy/pp kids!!! But it her response gave me a laugh. I love that the first thing on her mind was missing out on tivities!!!

Iris Flavia on April 1, 2011 at 3:18 AM said...

LOL!!! Amazing #1 could hold himself, I´m sure I´d broken down!
Wow, guess workshops like this don´t exist over here (will learn more with Niece growing up).


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