Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Monday Musings

Posted by MANDI at 9:44 PM
It is amazing how long a box of tea bags last when one cuts down one's tea consumption from approximately 14 cups per day to 3. It's also amazing how much better one feels. Who knew?

Hubby's arm is no better. In fact it appears to be getting worse and the doctors' best form of treatment appears to be writing him scripts for anti-inflammatory drugs, that wreak havoc on the severe gastric reflux that they diagnosed, and telling him not to use his arm. Yeah, not exactly confidence inspiring. He saw the doctor again today and she told him there was nothing more she could do. Well colour me happy that she spent all those years in medical school and can't do something, anything - even, heaven forbid, refer him to a specialist like he's asking - to help a fit, healthy 38 year old man who has torn the ligament off his arm bone. I bet if he was a footy player they'd be doing something to fix his arm quick smart. And maybe, just maybe,  remembering that the meds they're prescribing? HE CAN"T TAKE!!!

I spent four hours in the garden yesterday and barely made a dent. But we filled up the trailer and did a tip run so I must have done some good. I spent another hour and a half outside today and found the old chook pen. It was buried under about 5 years worth of some creeping vine thing. Vine thing is now filling up the trailer. I won that battle!

The kids are currently addicted to The Brady Bunch. Hilarious but true. They sing the song, provide running commentary on the plot lines and provide me with a rundown of the moral of each episode. I've always loved The Brady Bunch and let's face it, it's pretty wholesome viewing so I'm not going to stop them watching it. Have you seen some of the stuff that passes for kids tv at the moment?

As an aside to that I have discovered that I have a, until now completely unknown, mini-crush on Mr Brady. Wrong on so many levels. But what can I say - he has lovely eyes, and his voice is rather lovely too, and yeah he's cute. And he's just so gosh darn nice. I'm making myself laugh just thinking about it but there you go.

I got offered a job today. Out of the blue. Sadly it didn't quite tick all the boxes and I turned it down but it was still flattering to be asked.

My boy did a standardised spelling test earlier in the year. Disappointingly his school didn't feel the need to share the results with the parents. Luckily I disregarded that and asked his  teacher for them, finding out that his spelling age is two years above his chronological age. In other words, his spelling is on par with kids two years older than him. Or put more simply, he's doing really well at spelling. Yay for the boy! Oh and last year's teacher who told me that the boy's ability across the literacy area was 'very average' and got annoyed that I didn't agree with him? Ha, stick that Mr Teacher.

In other boy news I found myself parroting my mother the other day. We visited the library and when we got home he was eager to read his books and not so eager to do the few chores he had. After a gentle reminder or two to put the book down, followed by a not-so-gentle reminder or two I pulled out my Mum's old line: "If you can't get on with your jobs I'll put the library books on top of the fridge." He looked at me, somewhat puzzled, but did as he was told while I wandered off laughing at myself.

To balance things up and give you some girl news: She was wandering about singing to herself this afternoon but I couldn't quite make out what she was singing. Upon further investigation it turns out she very much likes the song 'Sleep Caroline'. You know, the one by Neil Diamond. She even sings the "bom, bom, bom" bit.

Yes, Mum really did used to do that - I've always been a bookworm and putting the new library books out of reach was one way of getting me to do my jobs, play outside, etc. She also used to dole them out one per day. If I misbehaved too bady I didn't get a book for that day. But seeing as how I was an angelic child...

Why is there nothing to watch on tv on Monday nights? And why did they stop showing Vampire Diaries? That was my guilty pleasure. Crappy story lines, pretty girls, even prettier boys. What's not to love there?

And on that note, goodnight!


Iris Flavia on March 22, 2011 at 7:26 PM said...

These sure are some Musings! :-)
Apart from the doc-scenario! If inflammiation is involved better not wait and seek a second doc rather soon. I nearly lost the function of my right hand cause I waited too long. Maybe not comparable since a broken bone was involved along with the inflammation. None-the-less... Good luck!


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