Monday, March 14, 2011

Right Time, Right Place

Posted by MANDI at 2:09 PM
I spent the morning being parent-helper in my girl's pre-primary (kindy in the rest of the country) classroom and ducked in to grab some groceries on the way home. I think we're gong to have to start rationing bananas - they're up to $9.98kg and I hear they're heading up towards the $18 mark. I'll still be buying them, after all I'd much rather the kids have a banana than a cookies or cake, but I'll also be directing the family towards the other fruit in the fridge too.

As I was trundling around fruit and veg section I found the 'cheap' rack and it was bursting with bargains. I picked up this bag of nectarines for $1.40. They're deliciously ripe and begging to be eaten -I'm thinking we'll have some for dessert tonight and I might dig out a Nectarine Cake recipe that I've had floating around for a while.

This bundle of vegies - an orange capsicum, green capsicum, a couple of squash, two sweet potatoes, 4 carrots, a turnip and a swede  - was also $1.49.

My girl takes a piece of fruit (or veg) to contribute to the share plates for morning tea each day at school and sometimes I really struggle to come up with something more interesting than an apple,orange or carrot. And with the previously mentioned rationing of bananas I'm not giving any of those babies away! These bargain buys should get us through the next few days very nicely indeed and provide a bit of variety on the share plate at the same time. Two birds, one stone. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the turnip and swede will go down a treat with the kids!!!

Anonymous said...

Great bargains Mandi!
What shop did you get them at - I never find those type of fruit/vege bargins.

MANDI on March 14, 2011 at 3:33 PM said...

LOL - maybe if they play up??? No, they're going into the slow cooker later in the week for a nice hotpot.
Jodie - just at my local Coles. Some times they have nothing, other times (and I guess especially after the weekend) they have some good stuff!


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