Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It Could Have Been Worse

Posted by MANDI at 7:29 PM
I had a hilarious (hmmm, should that an hilarious or a hilarious?) conversation the other day about the first time our children said something um... inappropriate and, while as a parent we were collectively horrified, we also kind of had to recognise the little echo for what it was and in most cases were almost impressed that our kids actually used the word(s) in the right context. Wrong, wrong, wrong but funny. Especially as so many joined in the conversation and we were all in fits of laughter. In my case it was my then sweet 18month old who kinda shocked me when I was driving and got cut off by a car pulling in front of me. My "oh you..." was finished very nicely by the baby. And the mummy in the car knew her swearing days really needed to come to an end there and then!

Anyway, hot on the heels of that conversation I pulled up at the library yesterday and Offspring #2 opened the door and hopped out onto the curb. I still have no idea what she was exclaiming over but all I heard was the sweet little five year old voice absolutely BOOMING out, "Oh, Good Lord!"

People, I lost it there and then. I laughed so hard I was almost crying. Then I had to tell her that, generally, little girls don't run around saying that and that perhaps, "Goodness me!" might be a nicer version. Then I giggled again and ruined all my good work. But really, based on the things I've heard various kids (including mine) come out with, it could have been soooooo much worse!

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