Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gratituesday: It's All In The Timing

Posted by MANDI at 9:32 PM
This week it's all about oven timers. Though not using them for their actual intended purpose. Oh no, no, no. Why waste a perfectly good oven timer on timing food that's cooking in the, you know, oven. No my friends, you should use it to threaten your children. Use it to enforce the time limit they have to clean their rooms before you'll go in with a garbage bag and toss everything away. Use it to make sure they stay in the bathroom and clean their teeth for a FULL two minutes. Use it to threaten a girl-child who will remain nameless that she can't have toasted marshmallows for dessert unless her dinner is finished inside the time left on the timer. And now? Now I just have to ask them to do something, wait for the mild dissent, grab the timer and voila... they can't do their jobs fast enough.

So to whoever came up with the grand idea of oven timers that ring/beep/otherwise announce that time has run out, I say a hearty, and heartfelt, thank you. You're making my life a whole heap easier in ways I'm sure you never foresaw.

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