Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday To The Hubster!

Posted by MANDI at 3:56 PM
Hubby finally joins me in the 'old-age' stakes and hits the grand age of 39 today! We're in the final year of our thirties. Eeeek!! We had a low-key family bbq lunch with both sets of parents (and a fly-by-night cousin who was in town for the weekend!) yesterday and will be having a special birthday dinner with just the four of us tonight.

I feel bad that he's not actually getting a birthday present. We decided that Betsy the puppy would count as his pressie and then I spent last week wallowing in the depths of a cold from hell and didn't get out to find him any little extras. I did rip the add for the new Harry Potter DVD out of one of the junk mail mags yesterday and gave that to him this morning - it's not on sale 'til Friday so he has to wait. I couldn't even tie a pretty bow around Betsy's neck - she kept trying to grab it and run away - so I gave up and tucked some ribbon in her collar, handed her to hubby and told him that was the best I could do. Very bad wifeliness I'm thinking.

But... I have spent today (along with caring for two sick kids home from school, taking Spike to the vet for his needles, chasing after a puppy who is adorably gorgeous except when she's weeing all over my house, doing two loads of washing, finishing the week's ironing and, now apparently losing my voice despite feeling that I might actually finally be getting better!) preparing a delish special dinner in honour of the birthday boy. I've got slow-cooked lamb shanks on the go and a very yummy chocolate cake cooling for birthday cake/dessert.

So, Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. I love you more than all the leaves on all the trees in the whole world. And that's a lot! xx

Edited to add:
Here's our seriously fab lamb shanks with cauliflower mash dinner -

And Hubby's birthday cake. The recipe is here and it is totally worth making. Delish!!


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