Monday, May 4, 2009

Posted by MANDI at 8:24 PM
Hubby flew out early yesterday morning so of course I heard a mouse last night! Isn't that always the way? The mouse-catching partner flits off - okay he's working his butt off in the very far-north of the state where it's rather warm - and leaves the non-mouse-catching partner (ie lily-livered great big chicken) home alone, unprotected, with two small children to care for. Luckily I have the best neighbours in the whole entire world and when the mouse in question (at least I'm hoping there's only one) was safely shut into the nice humane trap I'd set in the bottom of the pantry my chicken-ness kicked into high gear and I called for Mr-across-the-road to come dispose of it. He laughed at me but lived up to his 'best neighbour' tag and disposed of said mouse. I've reset the trap because I don't entirely trust that there was only one mouse. If you hear yelling from this end of the world it'll be me or the mouse scaring each other silly.

In other news, I'm learning how to knit. Actually I'm teaching myself. From the internet. So far I've undone my casting on four times. I can't get the tension even so it's a little sloppy but I'm getting there. I picked up a pattern today and am starting with a nice easy scarf - I grabbed an 'intermediate' pattern by mistake so I've trawled through the net finding sites that provide lots of diagrams for slip knots, casting on, knit and purl and I'm off to find out how to add in a second ball of yarn in a different colour. Here's what I've got so far...

I'll give you an update when I'm a little further along.


Sheila on May 4, 2009 at 9:41 PM said...

The same thing happens to me with mice when my husband leaves. I can't stand the little critters!! The people who own the land around us decided to clear cut it so the mice and other "critters" have decided to make our house their homes--that does not make me a happy camper at all. We stopped counting at about 10!!
Congratulations on the knitting. I taught myself from books and the internet too. I love it!! I think one of the best places on the net is There are some really good videos and helpful people there. Keep up the good work. Sheila

Melody on May 4, 2009 at 11:15 PM said...

Good for you, on both accounts - mouse & knitting!

Iris Flavia on May 6, 2009 at 6:54 PM said...

Guess you don´t think it´s too funny I had a mouse as a pet once? And let her roam free, too (she was house-trained).
No, you won´t - I wouldn´t if someone told me such about ... eeeek! - a pet-spider!
But yips, it´s just Murphy´s law the mouse came out only now!!!

Good luck - and fun! - on the knitting-project!


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