Monday, February 11, 2008

Ho Hum

Posted by MANDI at 7:58 PM
Not much has been happening at this end of the world. I had some girlfriends, with all their kids, round for a few drinks Friday afternoon but apart from that it was a fairly quiet weekend. Hubby and I both went into work for a couple of hours on Sunday. We split the kids, #1 took his bike and went to ride around Dad's workshop while #2 was kept occupied on the couch in my office by a Hi-5 DVD.
We've had heaps of rain over the past week or so and a few good light displays during the night. It hasn't rained all day long but we've had a couple of good long showers each day and some bucketing rain each night. Last night's thunderstorm was fairly impressive - the rain was really heavy, the lightning was impressive and the thunder was LOUD! There's a storm brewing quite a bit further up the coast. It might turn into a cyclone towards the end of the week but then again... who said the weather was predictable? We had another low further down the coast and quite a way out to sea that was forecast to turn into a cyclone by about today but it has disappeared into nothingness. Hubby's not impressed but I'm quite relieved. Besides the fact that I just don't like the darn things, I don't have time for a cyclone right now. I have meetings organised, work trips planned, play-dates set and have also been scheduled in to listen to reading on Tuesday mornings in #1's classroom.
Well, the kids are asleep and I have reading for work to do so I'd better get on with it. I'm aiming to appear as though I know what I'm doing AND what I'm talking about at Wednesday morning's meeting. It's kind of a big ask but I'll give it a go :)



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