Thursday, November 1, 2007

Full Steam Ahead

Posted by MANDI at 11:58 AM
So, finally some news about my new job. A not-for profit organisation is opening a branch in Red Dirt Central and I'm going to be leading the branch. Actually, at the moment I don't have a team to lead so I am the branch but that's not a bad way to start. It's an organisation that aims to help disadvantaged children and young people access education and, among other things, I'll be setting up and overseeing scholarships, liaising with local schools with regards to programmes that they would like run (eg literacy and numeracy programmes, etc), working within the community to provide other programmes such as homework clubs and breakfast clubs, and doing lots of networking with lots of different organisations, businesses and anyone else I can think of!
It's an area I enjoy working in (way better than doing relief teaching!) and something I'm quite passionate about so I'm really looking forward to that. It's a step up from my old job in terms of leading a team, rather than having the deputy kind of role, and I'm really looking forward to that too.
And I'm totally terrified. I'm freaking out about everything I have to do and I'm especially freaking out about next week. I'm spending a couple of days in Perth for induction at a state level then I'm off to Sydney for a couple more for national induction. Because of all the travelling and the flight times I end up being away for seven days (oh and I did sneak in one day just for me, though since I get in at midnight the night before I don't feel too guilty about that one). I have had the odd night away from Offspring #1 - most noticeably when I was in hospital having #2, but I still got to see him everyday - but I've never spent a night away from #2. Luckily mum-in-law, aka Grandma, has agreed to come and help out with the offspring which is quite a relief. I know that Hubby can cope just fine with the kids and all that is needed but it's nice to know he has some back-up and that the kids have some-one to fall back on. Plus they get to spend a week with Grandma which is pretty exciting.
Offspring #1 had just one request - could I please go to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and take a photo of it? I'm not sure that will be doable but I will definitely bring him back a picture of it, even if it's a postcard from the hotel lobby. Offspring #2 doesn't quite get it and we're not making a big deal of it - I figure next week will be hard enough for her without us talking it up before it all happens although we have told her that I'm going on a plane and that Grandma's coming to visit.
I have some pretty new work clothes which make me feel very grown up and responsible. I do love me some office-y type clothes and big heels.
I have a new suitcase. The old one was falling apart and would not have made it there, let along back again! It was also huge, and when full I couldn't lift it, so a suitcase I can wrangle on my own was required.
I've been to the library and got some books to read for the plane and at night in my hotel room(s).
I have started writing a billion lists for Hubby and Grandma for next week with details of who should be where, when, and what items they will need.
I've made huge batch of spaghetti sauce and frozen it in two lots. I've also made berry muffins for the freezer. I'll do a couple more things too before I go.
I've organised to have dinner with my bestest girlfriends while I'm in Perth.
I have started my list of 'what to take'. Yeah, the list making is genetic (hi Dad!) and part of the OCD too.
In the last couple of day I have lost nearly two kg's through sheer stress. This means my pretty new clothes will fit just perfectly and it also means that eating in restaurants and from room service for nearly a week shouldn't cause too many problems to my waistline!
So, any advice for someone who hasn't been on a plane by herself since about 15 years ago? Any advice for someone who hasn't been away from her husband for longer than about 3 days in over 11 years? Any advice for someone who has never really been away from her kids and certainly never far away? Any advice for someone who is not-so-slowly going out of her mind?
What have I forgotten? What do I need to know? Anything at all would be good.


Iris Flavia on November 1, 2007 at 3:16 PM said...

Sounds all well thought of! :-) I always need some chewing gum for the landing to prevent my ears from popping (and helps to calm one down in stressy moments as well, I suppose ;-)...) and I make sure I have a ballpen near by, you never know where you have to fill out a form or want to take a note. DigiCam - how often did I regret to have it in the suitcase and not right here...
Ear protection for plane or noisy hotel-rooms... That´s all from here.

Have a great time and heaps of fun and success in the new job!

kazari on November 1, 2007 at 3:57 PM said...

how exciting!

you'll be FINE!!!!

The only advice i can give is - sydney's a big city, you'll be able to buy anything you forget. except a copy of your itinerary.
(make sure you write down all the addresses and flight numbers and critical times on 1 piece of paper and stick it in your purse)

your new job sounds exciting and a wonderful opportunity - you go girl!

The Cookbook Junkie on November 1, 2007 at 9:46 PM said...

I always thought you lived on the other side of Australia! I think maybe your west is our east or something like that?

You've made my head hurt.

I have no advice - I'd be freaking out too!

Karen Beth on November 2, 2007 at 1:57 AM said...

This all sounds so very exciting. I know you will love being back in the working world with your initiations, new wardrobe, etc. Good on you for taking some time for yourself while you are away. That is a great idea!

Good luck and keep us posted!


Karen Beth :)

Melody on November 2, 2007 at 11:35 AM said...

Above everything else, take care of yourself! Good luck and travel safely. And make sure you get a piccie of the Harbour Bridge!!

Oh, and well done on the new job! *yay*

Anonymous said...

And mum & dad will be there on the in between bits for you and make sure you get to all the planes you need to go. One great thing about all this is we get to spend a bit of time with you while you are in Perth. YEAH

Helen Phillips on November 3, 2007 at 11:47 AM said...

Hi Mandi
Well, take lots of magazines to read on the plane cos they won't give you any, or a good book. Try not to let yourself think too much about the kids once you go cos you get sad. They will miss you but will be fine. They have grandma and dad which is very exciting. Maybe leave a couple of gifts that grandma can give them. Don't speak about it in a negative way as they then view it as negative too. Focus on the positives. Have a great time and its OK to have FUN!! Have a great time. Helen x

ruddygood on November 3, 2007 at 7:59 PM said...

Woohoo....flying high, rdm! Congrats on the new job...thrilled to hear it's in the not-for-profit sector since that has become close to my heart the last year or two. You realise this trip is all going to be a blur, and you're going to be back in red dirt land in a couple of weeks thinking "Did that really happen?", so my advice is: Carve out some moments for yourself. Think of some place or activity you'd love to experience while you're there; do it, savour it, and tuck it away in your heart to savour again when the red dirt seems endless, the kids are acreaming at each other and Hubby is heading out the door on some inane excuse or another...! :)

Red Dirt Mummy on November 3, 2007 at 10:03 PM said...

Thanks, Iris. I had forgotton to get chewing gum!

Good point Kazari. Thanks, the itinerary is now tucked away safely.

LOL Paula! Go check on the map - you know the name of the town I live in!

Thanks, Karen Beth. I'm planning dinner with 'the girls', some window shopping, some real shopping, and to make the most of eating out all week!

Thanks, Melody. The pic of the Harbour Bridge is an absolute given!

LOL Mum. Yay for you guys - at least the country-bumpkin will be safe on one side of the country. It's the other side that has me worried!

Lots of great points - thanks, Helen. I have my books from the library and have tried to focus on all the positives with the kids (like Grandma's visit and Mummy bring back presents LOL). I already had the pressies organised and will be sending a postcard from each city as well as bringing back more pressies.

Thanks, Mountain Mama. Yeah, I know it'll be a blur. I haven't worked 5 days in one week since I was pregnant with Offspring #1 (and when I get home it'll only be 3/week). This week is going to be exhausting! But, I'll be making the most of it just as you suggested.


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