Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm Going Out!

Posted by MANDI at 1:26 PM
Yep, you read it right. I'm. Going. Out.
And I'm excited! I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be excited about going to a benefit night for a lady in town who has breast cancer. I don't think excited is quite the sentiment I'm supposed to be aiming for but since I hardly ever go out at night, and even less without Hubby and the Offspring in tow I'm going to stick with it. I get to dress up in pretty clothes, wear the heels I love, and go out to an event with heaps of other nicely dressed women and drink champagne and have a lovely evening helping to raise money to help another person, another woman, another mummy.
Because of the distance from Perth (where the chemo treatment is) this lady is supposed to spend 8 weeks away from her family, her friends and her home to receive treatment. She decided that this wasn't the way she wanted to do it and has been flying to Perth every weekend to have her chemo then flying back to Red Dirt Central a couple of days later. Every week. And she'll do it for the whole 8 weeks. She's about halfway through and ,fortunately, her parents are able to help out financially but this is still putting a massive strain on finances, her home (her kids are little) and I can only imagine how much it takes out of her. Tonight has been organised as a kind of private benefit evening by a few of her close friends. They have arranged for items to be donated, which will be auctioned and/or raffled this evening, and for many women in this town to come together and show their support. There are no conditions that apply to the money raised tonight. It is for her and her family to use as they see fit. To help with travel expenses, to have a family holiday, to buy something for the house, to pay medical bills. Whatever they want. And that's kind of the point - that she can do whatever she wants, not what the powers-that-be tell her has to be done simply because of where she lives.


Claire on May 18, 2007 at 9:40 PM said...

I think it's just perfect for you to be excited about this! Be excited about helping out a friend. You're not saying you're excited about her cancer but of being able to go out and to help. ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful the country spirit. It's such a pity that we aren't more like that in the city.
Hope you had a good time. G'ma

Red Dirt Mummy on May 21, 2007 at 8:26 PM said...

We had a lovely night. The family was quite overwhelmed by the support and a fair whack of money was raised too.


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