Monday, March 26, 2012

29 Years Later...

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Way back in the dark ages when I was in Year 8 (the first year of high school here in WA) I discovered a little thing called 'popular music'. Prior to that I was fairly much at the mercy of my parents whims and musical tastes - we can blame them for my love of Abba, my love of Elvis Presley lies firmly with my mother and my hatred of country music can be held up to my dad who inflicted our poor ears with the likes of Charley Pride. But when I started high school I discovered different radio stations, different styles of music and Countdown. Holy Moly!

And one of my true loves from... um.... 1984 was Duran Duran. To say I LOVED them would be an understatement. I lived and breathed them. Ok, there were other bands I loved too, but no-one came close to being as... well, pretty. There. You have it. I was totally superficial in my musical taste. So long as the band was pretty I was theirs for the taking. But Duran Duran posters covered my bedrooms walls (the Karate Kid was on my ceiling!), their pictures were glued to my school books and files and I wore those tiny little pin badges that were so darn popular back them.

And finally I got to see them live on Saturday night. Yep, 29 years after I fell in love with them they came to Perth and I was both old enough to go and could actually afford the tickets. I can't say that the show entirely lived up to my expectations and must totally admit that all these years later I can only remember a few of their songs but Hubby and I got a date night - we double dated with the former across the roads and had a lovely night out -  I got to live out one of my teenage dreams and, just quietly, I still think the guys are kinda hot. Here are some of the pics:

Picnic Dinner

Me and my honey

Glow stick bracelets - thoughtfully supplied by Hubby. But they didn't help us find the boys when we came back from the toilets. Seems that everyone else had the same clever idea. In the end I had to ring Hubby and then we found them 'cos they were killing themselves laughing that we couldn't find them. Mostly because they were, literally, right under our noses.

OMG! Duran Duran!!

OMG OMG!! John Taylor!!!

And Simon Le Bon! Actually, I never really fancied him but still... OMG Simon Le Bon!!

And this lady kept a great crowd of us entertained with her very enthusiastic dancing.
All. Night. Long.

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