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Remember me talking about October being the month for Mums United? And asking you all how you were planning to be a bit healthier and a bit more active in October? Well, thanks to the extremely kind people at Mums United the very lovely Dana at Soup has sent me some quite fabbo prizes to give to you my lovelies!

So what have I done to be more healthy and active in October?
I've gone back to taking my lunch to work - we have a lovely canteen/mess on site but I found I couldn't help but have just a tiny bit of the pasta salad/chocolate eclair/potato bake. So back to my ham and salad sandwiches and I feel a hundred times better for it.
I'm still walking in the mornings but haven't added anything extra. I have found an aqua-zumba class that sounds like awesome fun but I know I need someone to go with me to actually get me there.
I tried to get Hubby and the kids onto low fat milk and failed dismally. But I tried.
We also tried one of the low fat cheeses that Mums United recommended. Sadly no-one in my family liked it. Not even me. To be honest it tasted like cardboard. We do however like several other low fat cheeses so we'll be making the switch to them permanently.
I cooked a cake using margarine instead of butter. Ummm.... sorry, not gonna do that again.
We switched to margarine as our every day spread for three weeks. And then we switched back. There were several reasons but not least on the list was taste and the number of additives that, as a mum, really concerned me.

But for now.... on with the prizes!

 Trying new products that are healthy can be pretty expensive and I'm sure that, just like me, you're all struggling to keep the bills to a manageable level. To help out out in this area I've got three Coles Myer gift cards valued at $50 each to help you out with your grocery shopping. All you need to do to enter is leave me a comment telling me why you'd like to win one of the gift cards. How easy is that?

So get to commenting and I'll get to choosing the winners. Please note that winners will  be selected completely randomly, you need to be in Australia to win and that entry will close at 6pm Perth time on Thursday 10th November.


Anonymous said...

Well I have to have a shot at this! Since buying 'Additive Alert' a few months ago I, too, have become very much aware of all the additives in processed food and have been buying more organic staples from which to make most of my foods from scratch. Cha-ching...but worth every cent! Also been adding lots of pureed fruits and veges to my cooking so my anti-veg kids get all the goodness and I get none of the usual complaints! Win win! Now to get us all exercising a bit more and all will be good in my part of the world. Thanks for the inspiration, Mands. Kaz x

Anonymous said...

Oh...and if I wasn't clear, winning a gift card would help pay for some of that beautiful produce to keep my family healthy! Kaz x

Andy Pandy said...

Old doc told me lower my cholesterol, I'm sure they say that anyway no matter what may be wrong. So anyway I have tried a low cholesterol milk. Like Mandy I tried a range of different types and eventually found one that tasted good in me coffee and on my morning weetbix - so Try Pura Heart Active. I don't know if it has reduced the cholesterol but it actually tastes great, of course the cost is a bit hard to swallow but I figure it's worth it. Just wish they would put it in bigger containers not just 1 ltr cartons. Give it a go what ya got to lose :)

Donna said...

Well, seeing as I didn't leave a comment on your last competition... I've made an effort to be a little healthier by walking with my neighbour most days. (Normally 6 days a week for about 50 mins). I've also tried to stop eating chocolate, and other junk, whilst sitting on the couch each evening. It was all working well until a week or so ago, just need a kick start again now!
How would a gift card help... Why is it that good, fresh, healthy foods are so often the more expensive ones???

Iris Flavia on November 9, 2011 at 4:15 AM said...

Just commenting :-)
We tried the butter vs margarine-stuff, too. And stayed with butter. Yum.

Jodie said...

I would use the gift card to buy lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to make up homemade baby food. (which is all I seem to do these

Rebecca R said...

OK so I have been trying to get my teenager who is in a wheelchair to lose some weight. I cook up a great big pot full of mixed vegies in a small amount of grapeseed oil as I have heard that that is better for you than others available, and use a bit of Herbamare for seasoning (I am allergic to pretty much everything and so far this is all I can find that I can use safely!) In another pot I cook up about 1.2kg of low fat mince and a can of chilli beans. Mix them together and you have dinner for one hungry teenager all week! It has been a success and he has lost 3 kgs so I am pretty proud of myself especially when he says "oh cool!" when you put the bowl down in front of him!

Mich on November 9, 2011 at 10:26 PM said...

We've switched to flora pro active buttery. Which actually does taste like butter. but it is a little pricey at $7 a tub.

anne@#22 said...

I have started buying wholemeal bakery bread only. No presevatives. i believe in real food in moderation. Often the low fat stuff is full of yucky additives. I would much rather a small spread of real butter on a piece of fresh bread anyday. I would use the gift card to help with the weekly shopping so I could afford to take my girlfriend out to coffee. Girlfriends and gossip also very good for your health!! xxx

Jen on November 10, 2011 at 3:55 PM said...

Hello! I know, it's been a long time since I've visited your lovely blog - no excuses really, just busy with life! So now I'm feeling a bit guilty, I'm not really here for the prize, but it was a good incentive for me to at least come and see what you've been up to.
What have I done in October to be a bit more healthy? Hubby and I have started playing squash again (after 10 years of not), and when I say "playing" squash, what I mean is me trying desperately to actually hit the ball! We play, the kids sit and watch, and then we all go for a family swim at the centre. It's been lovely, active, together family time.
And now off I go to see what you've been doing.....

Anonymous said...

With my big family, a spare $50 bucks wouldn't go astray !!! It's that simple !!! Love you xx


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