Friday, July 15, 2011

School Holiday Fun

Posted by MANDI at 9:07 PM
I did a bit of juggling with my work hours today and managed to end up with the afternoon free. Yay! Except it was bucketing with rain. Not to be put off I raced home from work, organised Hubby and the kids and off we went. First stop was the lighting shop to collect our new kitchen lights (more on them later in the week), then onto Ikea to look at bunk beds and loft beds (more on that in another post too) and then onto the proper bit of the holiday fun. The beach.

We hit Scarborough where it was freezing cold, windy as all get out, threatening to rain and the sun was about to set. And still the kids wanted to take their shoes off and run along the beach. Ummm... no. We vetoed their idea but stood out looking at the ocean at sunset and oohed and aahed as the kite surfers fooled around in the wind and the surfers did not very much in the tiny little waves, pointed out the hotel where Mum and Dad spent their wedding night and exclaimed over the enormous houses along the beach front. When we were all thoroughly frozen, which took less time that you might imagine, we jumped back in the car and headed on to part two of the fun afternoon.

We drove south along the beach a little way and ended up down at Cottesloe where we found a fish and chip shop that had tables inside.  We ate some seriously yummy food across the road from the beach, watching the waves and licking our salty fingers. Yummo! 

And onto part three of the fun. A 50 cent ice cream cone from one of the fast food stores on the way home. And then home to a nice warm house where we tucked the offspring into bed only a few minutes after their regular bedtime. Now that's a good way to do it!

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