Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Darn Interweb! And Random Mumblings.

Posted by MANDI at 7:46 PM
I couldn't get in to post yesterday - actually last night I couldn't get onto the internet at all. Very frustrating! I had the time all set aside between getting the kids to bed/dishes done/house tidied and the start of Offspring sometime later. I love Offspring. I love Asher Keddie. I wish that Chanel 10 had left it on Sunday nights though, I get all happy on Sunday thinking it's going to be on then settle down to watch it and remember it's on Monday nights now. Luckily Downtown Abbey is on Sunday nights instead. I'm loving that too. And Grey's on Thursday nights. But I've always loved Grey's so nothing really new there. Are you loving anything on tv at the moment? Or hating anything? I'm totally over Masterchef. Haven't even watched it in weeks.

I gave the slow cooker a good workout yesterday. I had a bunch of manky vegies in the bottom of the fridge. You know the ones. They're still okay, but only just, but it's shopping day and you're about to run out and buy lovely fresh crunchy vegies. What to do, what to do? I was ready early and had a bit of time to spare before school drop off (don't worry, it never happens so isn't likely to again anytime this year!) so grabbed all the vegies out, chopped them up fairly roughly and threw them all in the slowcooker with some chicken stock and some water and brewed up a lovely bit potful of vegie soup. All while I was out dropping the kids at school  and collecting the drycleaning and doing the food shopping. I had some for lunch with a fresh crusty roll and it was lovely. I had more for lunch at work today, with another fresh crusty roll, and it was equally lovely. Apart from the fact that I was at work and it was freezing. Seriously, it didn't get above 12C there today. Brrrrrr!

Kaz asked about the pizza muffin recipe. I knew I'd posted it here somewhere but had to go search for it - here's the link for those of you looking for something different for the lunchboxes. Click on the 'nibblies' link if you're looking for a couple of other ideas.

And here's my (now late) Menu Plan Monday post:
Monday: Slow Cooked Curried Sausages
Tuesday: Fish, chips and steamed vegies
Wednesday: Meatloaf, mash and veg
Thursday: Slow Cooked Lancashire Hotpot
Friday: Soup - there's some of the vegie soup in the freezer, along with some pea and ham soup I made a couple of weeks ago and Miss Fussy can have tomato soup from a can (the only kind she'll eat!)
Saturday: Homemade hamburgers
Sunday: Slow Cooked Corned Beef with roast vegies

And while I'm raving on.... If you've made it all the way down here I'm going to do some shameless begging and ask you you to go 'like' my Facebook page. It's here and if you like it you'll get news on the latest posts as well as extra bits and pieces. You'll also get my undying love, affection and gratitude. Just in case you wanted them.


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