Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Posted by MANDI at 7:58 PM
I've been cooking myself silly over the past few days - new cookies, a new cake recipe, a pasta dish, something different in the slow cooker and some seriously fabulous roast potatoes! I'll be sharing them with you over the next few days but I have to tell you about the most recent one first.

Last night we had my mum's birthday dinner at our place. It's not really her birthday till later in the week but she'll be away so we decided a few days early was better than not celebrating at all. We had herbed crumbed lamb cutlets, beef and sundried tomato sausages, a garden salad and the best roasted potatoes I've ever had. Ever. In fact they were so good we gobbled them up and I only got a photo of the sad looking leftovers.

The recipe is over at Ree's Pioneer Woman site and was a big hit with all at our table. I skipped the garlic - we all had meetings today so I felt it was probably safer to leave it out - but I'll be making this with all the ingredients very soon.

And yes, we did have birthday cake. Of course we had birthday cake! But I wasn't allowed to bake it. The kids demanded that we buy an ice-cream cake. And who am I to refuse them?


Melody on October 15, 2009 at 1:04 AM said...

I just looked at the recipe over at Ree's and oh my, I WILL be cooking those potatoes soon! Yum-oh.

Happy Birthday to your mum.

Anonymous said...

I can guarantee the potatoes were the best. I will be using the recipe in future. The rest of the meal was as excellent as one would expect at Red Dirt Mummy's place, and of course the cake was yum. Thanks Melody for your good wishes.
RDM's mum.


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