Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let Them Eat... Broccoli

Posted by MANDI at 8:45 PM
cAs previously reported we've been busy in the yard, particularly getting the vegetable garden back up to scratch so we could do some planting. The kids weren't so thrilled with the work involved but they did have lots of suggestions about what we could grow in it. They bounced ideas back and forth like a tennis ball - Cucumbers! Tomatoes! Corn! Lettuce! Then Offspring #2 threw in the zinger. CHEESE! After we finished laughing we had a chat about where cheese comes from (well there's always cheese in our salads so I guess I can see her point LOL) and went back to work.

This is what the vegie garden looked like just a couple of weeks ago.

Then we got busy raking and weeding, adding some good nutrients and a trailer-load of Vegie-mix soil. Hubby very kindly shovelled the trailer out and then spread the mix and then I let it sit a few days while I planned and plotted. Yesterday, after school, the kids and I took ourselves off the local nursery and checked out the vegie seedlings. I, very sensibly, didn't go mad. We limited ourselves to just a few different vegies for now and I got them into the ground today.

Sadly we weren't able to take up the kids suggestions as we're heading for winter here. Instead we planted some cooler weather vegies and in a couple of months we'll be eating lots of...


and Cauliflower

as well as beans, snow peas, English spinach and leeks.

And since broccoli isn't high on #2's list of favourite foods I'm hoping that growing it ourselves might make her a tiny bit more enthusiastic about it. We still have more to buy, and plant, but I'm happy to have made a start.


Melody on March 18, 2009 at 12:26 AM said...

I'm getting very jealous of all you blogger folk who have vegie gardens!! *urgh* No, seriously - looking good.


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