Monday, June 18, 2007

Mummy-Brain Strikes Again!

Posted by MANDI at 9:49 PM
Offspring #1 turns 5 on Sunday. I have decided on a theme, done the party invitations, organised most of the party, bought a bunch of goodies and made the shopping list for the rest, planned the games and prizes, and given lots of people ideas for gifts for #1. It wasn't until I was speaking to Mum-in-law a couple of nights ago that I suddenly remembered... I needed to buy the poor child a birthday present!
In itself, that wouldn't be so bad. Except that then it flew out of my mind and I didn't remember again until dinner tonight. When I was making a list of the extra party bits and pieces that I need to pick up at the shops tomorrow. When Hubby asked me if I'd bought 'the present' yet. When I slapped myself on the forehead and let out a big painful "Doh!". Then I added 'buy #1's present' to my shopping list!
I thought I had at least a couple more years (or a couple more kids, and that's not gonna happen) until I started forgetting the birthdays of my own offspring.
So now I just have to remember to take my list when I hit the shops in the morning! Hmmm... how hard can it be?



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