Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Posted by MANDI at 8:05 PM
Nothing much happening here although I am pleased to report that the new weekly schedule is doing it's job nicely. Of course, I am only 4 days into it so it still has time to fall apart LOL. So far I have kept up with the house-work, was organised a couple of days ahead of time for tutoring and lecturing and even tried a couple of new recipes. I also went browsing amongst some blogs and have some new ones to add to my reading list.
So, here are a few blogs that I have found recently and enjoyed enough to go back for more.
Wine Makes Mummy Clever has become my new must read. It's well-written, funny and of course very clever. Needless to say, I love the title!
I Think I Have A Recipe For That has also joined the list. Lots of yummy recipes with great explanations.
And although not a new find Mamarazzi is an absolute must. It cracks me up and generally makes me feel much better about my parenting skills. Hey, I didn't shave my head, ditch rehab or kiss my brother so I can't be all that bad!


kazari on March 29, 2007 at 8:05 PM said...

Hi Red Dirt Mummy!

I love your blog... I'm glad you like mine too!

Red Dirt Mummy on March 29, 2007 at 9:50 PM said...

Thankyou kazari_lu! I hope you'll come back and visit.


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