Monday, March 12, 2012

More Monday Randomness

Posted by MANDI at 9:07 PM
It struck me that my Monday posts generally end up being a string of random musings. And this week? Well it's no different...

We've just hobbled through a heatwave here in the west. Apparently you need three consecutive days over 35C for it to be considered a heatwave - despite the official temps being a few degrees cooler than what I recorded we well and truly went above and beyond the 35C. Saturday saw the temp on the back deck hit 41, Sunday only reached 39.5 and today I felt every one of the 43 degrees that were showing when I got back from down the hill a little after midday. And that, my lovelies, is HOT!!! Thank goodness it's only supposed to be 32C tomorrow, I think we'll all be pretty happy to have a cool change.

I responded to something on a forum last week and stirred up a little bit of backlash. I was planning to write a whole post about forums and the things I really dislike about them but... well, it all seemed a bit negative and whiny and now I've lost the momentum. That said, I'm sure another forum will annoy me enough again shortly to make me actually write that post.

I'm in the process of organising Hubby's 40th birthday present. It'll take something pretty darn impressive to top the party he threw for me plus the gorgeous presents plus the surprise plane ticket to Queensland. But I think I might just have come up with something that fits the bill. Oh yeah! Now I just have to get it to all come together and pull the whole thing off. And not tell him. Because I kinda suck at keeping secrets from him. So that'll be interesting LOL.

Did I tell you that my work hours have changed a bit? I get to start later, which is great because that means I get to fit in a walk each day, the mornings are less of a rush (I even get a few chores done before I leave) and I get to take the kids to school each day. But that means I finish later. In theory that should mean I get home later. And it does, but not a whole lot later. Because I leave work a bit later I miss the peak of peak hour and actually spend less time on the road. And because I get home later Hubby has taken over the cooking for our midweek dinners. Win, win, win!

So what's happening in your pocket of the world? I haven't had any comments for ages so I'd really love if someone would tell me what they've been up to lately. Yep,  I'm reduced to shameless begging. Shocking, I know.


Jodie said...

I really think you should write the post about forums - I'm dying to know what you said etc...

As for me and my little family, I'm starting to get used to being a working mum (but still hoping I win lotto and become the benefactor of the estate of some long lost aunt).
My little boy is growing up way too fast but I'm loving the age he is at and watching him grow and develop.

Nothing too exciting here!

Iris Flavia on March 14, 2012 at 5:02 AM said...

Your Hubs is younger than you, lucky you! Mine is some whopping 7 years older than I. He has to make it work to not leave me alone some day...
Good luck with organizing - and not telling! ;-)

Congrats on your new work-schedule!

Over here? I´ve become a Papa!
(Little Niece adressing everyone she likes like this atm, too cute).
Other... it´s boring over here, cold and grey like a German dull November-day.... where is spring hiding, I wonder?

Flea on March 14, 2012 at 12:52 PM said...

Hello ladies, here it was hot, but you said that :) Today is windy, I don't mind it that much.

Planning MY 40th for April but keep changing my mind on what to do, would love to know your ideas, hehe

Would also love to read your forum post as I just joined a few and one of them irriated me already, oops did I say that out loud.

Suburbia greetings!

trish on March 15, 2012 at 7:53 AM said...

I got caught up in the drama of a poorly moderated forum a couple of years ago and have since learned to keep my opinions to myself, or to turn my outrage into a blog post on my own blog. Some people get really snarky on those forums, it's pretty ugly.

Ready for autumn to kick in, it's my favourite time of the year. I've started collecting soup recipes :-)


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