Sunday, December 11, 2011

Diary Of A Week That Was

Posted by MANDI at 9:17 AM
Wow! I know we're all saying it but the weeks are flying by at the moment.

Monday: House chores, food shopping, baking for Tuesday night, Carols by Candlelight at school. Late night for the kids.

Tuesday: Grumpy kids from late night. Work, race home to throw together pavlova and collect other baked goods, kids and Hubby then across to Mum's for dinner with a truckload of rellies (relatives for those unfamiliar with the Aussie version) who are in town for a wedding. Late night for  the kids

Wednesday: Even grumpier kids from the night before. Work. Catch up on washing, ironing

Thursday: You guessed it, kids are still grumpy. Start out for work before realising that the 'unpleasant' start to my morning was actually a tummy bug of sorts. Ring boss, go home. Alternate between couch and toilet. Ick.

Friday: Kids are slightly less grumpy (thanks heavens!). Final school assembly of the year that goes on and on and on. House chores. Fast food filthy Friday. Made a start on wrapping the Christmas presents.

Saturday: Early start for swimming lessons, a bit of shopping, Santa photos, Offspring #1 to a birthday party, house cleaning, more washing, collect #1 and out to dinner for a friends 50th.

Sunday: Sleeeeeeep in! And now on the with rest of the chores, food shopping because I'm working most of the week, baking, finishing off the teacher gifts for school and I rather suspect Hubby's going to have me out raking leaves at some point.



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