Thursday, November 24, 2011

Just Stuff

Posted by MANDI at 8:13 PM
I had big plans to run the final competition today but instead have developed the head cold from hell. From Hell people! My poor head is so stuffed up - I can't hear, breathe through my nose, swallow without wincing and my normally nasal Aussie twang is decidedly more nasal.

So, I'll get back to you on when the comp will run. Probably the beginning of next week instead (I know lots of you check in at work and I want as many of you to have a chance as possible) - I'll give you some advance warning because this comp is going to be short, sweet, fast and furious. Well, that might be a bit optimistic but it'll only run for a couple of hours so you'll have to get in quick once it opens. Stay tuned!

Oh and the head cold? We can firmly blame that on the girl child who battled asthma attacks most of last week which left me with a severe sleep deficit which in turn left me quite run down and susceptible to the bugs and germs floating around at the moment. Bloody kids.


Iris Flavia on November 25, 2011 at 4:26 AM said...

Aren´t you supposed to head to summer? Head colds and runny noses are supposed to be here atm!

Get well soon! Hope that asthma attacks took a break, too, like a looong one.

Anonymous said...

How you are feeling better soon xx Sue

Anonymous said...

Woops that probably should have said
Hope you are feeling better soon :-)

trish on November 28, 2011 at 5:26 PM said...

Ella's all snuffly at the moment, too. It's making her a bit miserable, poor little bun. I'd give you (and her) a large gin&tonic if I could :-) Instead, I'll just send some positive get-well energy. Bloody kids indeed!


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