Sunday, July 19, 2009

Normal Transmission Will Resume Shortly

Posted by MANDI at 4:53 PM
I promise!

We've had a busy few weeks with coughs and colds, school holidays, the follow up to Offspring #1's birthday and life in general.

#1 had a fun birthday party with his school-friends and, in keeping with the new birthday cake rules as laid down by me, had a number 7 cake with the decoration of his choosing. He selected an airport runway and I did my best to meet his expectations. Luckily, he has very low expectations when it come to my cake decorating skills!

We've done lots of baking and I have a bunch of new recipes to share with you. Here are a couple of the highlights - a banana caramel layer cake I made for last night's dessert and some new choc chip cookies.

We've had some wild and woolly winter weather. You already saw the tree that fell on the woodshed a month or so ago. Here's the tree that fell on the boat, trailer and caravan just a few days ago. It came right out of the ground, roots and all, and landed across all three. Luckily there wasn't any real damage and even luckier that Hubby's car wasn't parked in it's normal spot - right where the trailer was!

And the camellia tree has just started blooming. It has literally hundreds of flower buds but just two flowers so far. It's one of my favourite things in the garden so I can pretty much guarantee you'll be seeing more of it.


Melody on July 19, 2009 at 8:16 PM said...

Terrific birthday cake! Nice. Bet #1 loved it! As for that dessert you made last night - oh my! Looks absolutely delicious. What an effort - hope you were proud of yourself...

Anonymous said...

Well hello there stranger! Nice to see you back! Happy Birthday to your big boy and great job with the birthday cake.

I await the blogging of the recipie for the banana caramel cake...drool, drool, drool :)

Kaz xx


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