Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's A Bumpy Ride

Posted by MANDI at 10:55 AM
We've been riding the 'asthma train' the past few days and it's been a very bumpy ride. I've hit the point where I second-guess and doubt every decision I make about Offspring #2 and her health - I've taken her to the doctor so many times to be told that, along with the asthma (or sometimes triggering it) the cold she has is viral and no medication (beyond her asthma meds)will help. Naturally enough the next time round I put off the doctors visit only to be told she has, in this instance, a throat and nasal infection and I should have bought her in earlier so she could have been put on antibiotics.
So, she's on all her asthma meds - both preventative and relievers - along with antibiotics and steroids and a decongestant to help dry up that nose! She's taking it all in her stride and she is improving but I'm just about exhausted.
Here's hoping the train-ride ends soon.


Anne at #3 said...

Might I suggest a naturopath to help. Not cheap but very good. XXX Anne

Claire on January 22, 2009 at 1:19 PM said...

You did right! With kiddos you gotta get stuff checked out...especially one with asthma. The steroids and breathing treatments should help! I hope you get some rest soon.

belongum on January 22, 2009 at 10:46 PM said...

Hang in there Mandi... it's a bugger of a ride, but there's no other bugger who you can count on but you when it comes to these things... so doubt has no place in this game! The XO here herself is having a similar 'train ride' herself, and all I can do is encourage her to hang on too... our number two son is a hard lad to work with at times... sheesh! Keep your chin up mate ;-)

Anonymous said...

To top it off you are sick as well which doesn't help.
Your doing everything right. You are a great mum. Keep it up.
From people know you well (M&D).

Iris Flavia on January 23, 2009 at 6:15 PM said...

That sounds really bad :-(
Hopefully you find a good doctor soon. That´s always so difficult. Best wishes!!

Red Dirt Mummy on January 26, 2009 at 7:49 PM said...

I'm thinking about it Anne but... well you know I just don't have much faith in them.

Thanks Claire - she's doing better and I'm catching up on sleep!

Thanks Ron, we really must make an effort to catch up in person! I was planning to go to the last meet-up but Hubby ended up away and the little miss got sick too...

Awww... thanks Mum (and Dad)))))))

Thanks Iris. We seem to have found a decent Dr, now we need to wait 9 or so months to see a specialist :(


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